Preserving Wildlife

Blue Bird Houses

The Wildlife Committee inspects, cleans and maintains the bluebird houses that the Club has placed in various parks and along the river. The project goal is to support the growth of the bluebird population.

To find ways you can help the declining bluebird population…CLICK here:

South Carolina Bluebird Society

Bluebird Information & Awareness









Butterfly and Pollinator Garden

The Wildlife and Horticulture Committees work together to create a new Butterfly and Pollinator Garden on park property adjacent to the White Hall boat landing. The objective is to provide host and nectar plant sources for monarchs, other butterflies and honeybees.

To learn ways you can assist in restoring declining populations of Monarchs and Honeybees…CLICK here:

Butterfly Gardens-Host, Nectar Plants, How to Attract Butterflies

How to Bring Back the Monarchs

How to Save the Bees